The Crescent Moon

The elegant and awe-inspiring Crescent Moon was created with sixteen Brazilian Agate slabs specially chosen to capture various phases of the moon, set in a glowing crescent shape.

Each of the sixteen Brazilian Agates was selected for color, size, and shape (to represent the full cycle of the moon) from thousands of agate slabs. Brazilian agate has the amazing quality of changing in looks when it goes from light shining on it as opposed to when backlit, giving you two beautiful viewing options.

Steve Fink came up with the design and called in Ralph Brick to help engineer this dazzling piece, who then made the frame from fourteen epoxied laminated layers of door skins with a quality oak veneer covering. Hesper Kirkland inlaid the agate slabs into a ¾” oak plywood front, while Steve was busy developing the perfect lighting. He chose the highest quality LED’s available on today’s market. There are four separate sets installed, so when one set does wear out, all one needs to do is connect to set two, and so forth. Prairie Prince, our famous resident artist, did the painting, finishing with a luminescent layer giving the moon a marvelous glow, which leaves a vivid impression when the room’s lighting is turned to dim or off.

The back plate is made of 3/8ths” thick polished aluminum, and is designed to suspend from a 1 1/2” pipe connected to the ceiling.

To ensure adequate structural support, a 1 1/2" pipe will need to be connected to a metal plate installed in the ceiling roof. Running it through the pipe hides all electrical wiring. This will be a major conversation piece for all to enjoy!

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Crescent Moon Night Closeup

Dimensions: approx. 3’ 4” wide by 5’ tall
Price Uninstalled: $52,995
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