Selenite Crystals grow in the middle of gypsum beds sporadically and in large beds usually several yards in diameter, but only 8” to 20” thick. When mining, it fractures into pieces. Therefore length is seldom longer than 20” but up to 18” in diameter.

All sizes are approximate due to natural rock. Tallness can vary due to rock lengths and may be 2-6” taller, but never shorter than specified size. Lighting is provided for Pillars but does not include lighting ballast as ballast prices vary depending on number used and distance ran.

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Applications and Concepts

Selenite Driveway Pillars

Selenite Pillars Walkway Night

Two large, lit Selenite Pillars at the entrance of the property will beckon one to continue up the selenite-lined driveway, building anticipation for delightful experiences yet to come! Selenite pillars are also very useful walkway lights and yard lights or when used as natural lighting for pool and spa areas.

Selenite Pillar Fountain Night

Selenite Pool Waterfall Pillar

Gateway Pillars

Stair Pillars

Selenite Pillar Fountain Concept

Another “one of a kind” piece of art, this fountain will create a welcoming invitation to linger and watch, while greatly enhancing your entryway or garden pond.
We can customize this piece to fit in a resort lobby area or in your own back yard. Dimensions: The actual size will be determined as the piece is being created, but 4’ to 6’ wide and 3’ to 6’ in height is certainly possible.

Selenite Pillars
Dimensions and Pricing

10% discount on orders totaling 20 or more.

Dimensions: 8” diam by 3” Capstone with a 8” diam by 8” tall pillar with a 8-10" piece of Selenite. Price $349

12” diam by 3” Capstone with a 12” diam by 10” tall pillar with a 12-14" piece of Selenite. Price $425

16” diam by 4” Capstone with a 16” diam by 10” tall pillar with a 14-16" piece of Selenite. Price $575

20” diam by 4” Capstone with a 20” diam by 12” tall pillar with a 16-20" piece of Selenite. Price $999 (These large pillars were gathered over 32 years by a major wholesaler and are extremely rare. Limited to supply)

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