Petrified Wood
These extremely rare pieces of petrified wood are created by Mother Nature as the trees are knocked down and covered by layers of ash when the volcanoes in the World erupt or other natural disasters.

The petrification process occurs underground, when wood becomes buried under sediment and is initially preserved due to a lack of oxygen. Mineral-rich water flowing through the sediment deposits minerals in the plant's cells and as the plant's lignin and cellulose decay away, a stone mould forms in its place.. Indonesia hosts the largest petrified forests in the World.  Most of the wood is full of marcasite and falls apart or is soft and carbonized. We hunt high and low for top pieces and pay a premium to take them home and usually tune them up further by polishing the bases. They were painstakingly hand polished using bamboo, sand, ash, and water.

These pieces could be used as wash basins in guest rooms, drilled to make sinks, water fountains, bird baths, garden lamps or as decorative art in one’s home or yard. The hand polished rounds or logs would make lovely additions lying down or in the upright position, anywhere one may choose to display them. Another possibility would be to create a spiral water fountain using all or most of the basins with tubing placed inside bamboo shoots to allow water to flow into the top basin and be siphoned out with another piece of bamboo to fill the next lower basin.  These pieces could also be positioned down a stairway where the bamboo would feed into the top basin allowing the water to cascade over the rock and into a pool that would feed the next basin. The hand polished rounds could be placed among the basins.

We, at StoneCrafters LLC, have exclusives on the agatized petrified wood and have contracted to obtain more of these unique artifacts as they come out of the ground. All weights and measurements are approximate, and each piece comes on its own custom burlap covered show palette that also has a full crate cover for shipping purposes.

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West Java Petrified Wood
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