Agate Slab Glass Applications Possibilities

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The Phoenix

The awe inspiring sight of this legendary, larger than life Phoenix will draw one to view the intricate colors and shapes in the wings, spread majestically over the surrounding view. This magnificent piece will be thought and conversation provoking, and, without a doubt, will attract attention.
The Phoenix was designed to be visible from both interior and exterior locations, augmenting the physical properties of the agate; the pieces change in color from dawn to dusk, and with the afternoon sun. The Phoenix was also designed to accommodate two options. Option one: Agate slabs would be held in place by either silver or gold pins between two panes of glass, which would replace the existing glass.
Option two: The Phoenix would be set in one large pane of glass and be proud mounted from the inside, allowing no change to the existing window. It has taken over five years to gather the perfect agate slabs needed to enhance this work of art.

The Cicadas

A swarm of backlit Cicadas delights one in the pool and/or spa area(s)! These beautiful unique insects, with large brilliantly colored translucent wings, tantalize swimmers to closely inspect the bottom of the swimming pool!   They can be made in many sizes for placement in spas, cold tubs, walls or windows*. Each viewing spot of the pool would pull at one’s imagination, day and night. This “one of a kind” attraction would create quite a stir! The colors and shapes of rocks represented for the Cicadas are in our inventory. StoneCrafters LLC can create almost any desired image you may fancy. Call us with your idea and we’ll give you an estimated pricing.

Crescent Moon Night Closeup

Agate Deck Railing Frames

Framed panes of glass with agate slabs between them can be installed under deck railing, allowing the upright agates to catch all the natural fluctuations of light throughout the day. These frames can be customized to fit any section of railing (if railing already exists, modifications would be necessary). Existing deck railing board type and stain can be used, if this is an addition. These frames could also be placed on top of railing for use as dividers between tables providing more privacy and better sunlight to show off the agates in an outdoor restaurant. Existing rails can be raised by 6” to 10” providing visual delights while dining.

Agate Windows

These natural works of art let one’s own imagination take over. The changing light throughout the day and evening makes each agate as different in each moment as a sunrise or sunset. The windowpanes would also be visible from the outside, drawing one’s attention. These agate slabs would be set onto glass panes that fit existing windows, by drilling holes to place the pins to mount the agates; or, the agates could be set between double paned glass.

Agate Dividers

Anything else you may imagine, in the style of the Phoenix, can be made by Stone Crafters LLC. We keep over 10 metric tons of agate slabs in stock and are constantly high grading the rock yards of Brazil.

Please make inquiry to StoneCrafters LLC for further information.

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