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StoneCrafters is a loosely banded group of artists, geologists, contractors and visionaries that began assembling assorted art projects in 1978. Different members of this group’s past clients include Chemical Bank in the Rockefeller Center; Bette Midler Productions; Jasmac Plaza Hotel in Sapporo, Japan; LeCoupe Hair Salon in Munich, Germany; the Legends of Rock display in the Cosmos Center in Borlange, Sweden; restoring the Famous Doggie Diner Dog in San Francisco; the Treasure Island theme in the Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas.

Projects have included: acquiring rare minerals and setting up displays, murals, gem installations, rock walls, stone tile projects and back lighting agate slab installations, set design and construction for concerts and theatrical productions, boat and exotic house building, and all processes involved therein.

The work we do at StoneCrafters is a slow, precise, exacting process and the Scottsdale resort alone could take several years for final completion of all aspects of the project. Some pieces are close to completion and others could be made ready in a short period of time. StoneCrafters has the distinction of being able to do business with five of the world’s top mineral wholesalers.

If you are interested in viewing more of our work, please feel free to check out the presentation we did for the Four Seasons.

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